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Faster Installation, Less Waste

Trap Loc® Siding’s patented design provides continuous engagement along both the top and bottom edge of every plank making installation easier and level alignment a certainty. Traditional siding overlaps but does not engage and must have constant control lines to mark the level in order to maintain spacing and control; clearly more labor intensive.

With Trap-Loc® Siding’s Hidden Fasteners, there are no face nails to prep before finishing and maintenance for homeowners is greatly reduced.

Due to the Trap-Loc® design,  planks are engaged at the top and bottom, allowing for full utilization of board feet without having to break on studs. Using the entire plank equals more board on the wall, less in the landfill.

Tested and Certified to resist winds of up to 230 miles per hour, Trap-Loc® Siding offers sustainable protection, reducing if not eliminating costly repairs and replacement, and resulting in less waste in landfills.  With its flush to the surface mounting, Trap-Loc® Siding will achieve a high R-factor rating.

Trap-Loc® Siding: installs quickly and with less waste, requires less labor and less maintenance, saves energy with a high R-factor…. beautiful and efficient.


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